Are You Physically Fit Enough For Survival In An Emergency?

There is no implied rudeness or opinion on your personal fitness implied in this post… so don’t get the feathers ruffled.

If you face a situation where you have to grab your B. O. B. and head out away from home for the next 72 hours or longer you’re going to be carrying some additional weight in your bug out bag.  That’s a simple fact, if you’ve prepared.

You won’t be taking a leisurely walk in the proverbially mentioned park – you will most likely be running, climbing, sliding. speed walking, scrambling over things and rarely slow walking.

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Be Prepared: Cash For Survival

Here’s a very simple question:  How much cash total do you have on you or in your home right now?

That’s not enough.

Prepping isn’t all about an end of the world as we know scenario.  While many survivalists do prepare for that type of event exclusively, let’s be more realistic in our approach to becoming a smart prepper.  Think smaller disaster first, then move up the “ladder” to the absolute worst case imaginable.

Here’s a few different ways to think about how to be prepared:

  1.   You’ve lost your  job
  2.   Your home has been flooded out
  3.   You’ve had a major fire at home
  4.   The area you live in has experienced a massive power outage and you cannot use your plastic credit or debit cards anywhere.

In a major or even a mid-level event like a hurricane, or power outage, or even attack you need to have already accepted that your credit cards are going to good for only scraping ice off the windshield.  I know we’ve become dependent on the swipe and go mentality, but cash or even bartering are going to be far more valuable in a true emergency or disaster.

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Independence Day Minus The Space Aliens

Greeting card with U.S. 4th of July.

In my country, the United States of America, it’s our Independence Day.  A day we celebrate our freedoms, hard fought by so many brave men and women throughout the long years of war over the decades.

It’s not something we take for granted… even if that knowledge of freedom has become a matter of fact way of life for me and my family and friends.

Many of us know that freedom can be a fleeting thing, in danger at all times by those who would wish to take what we hold most dear.

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Are You Prepared? Start Now

No one wants to imagine a worst case scenario in life, whether it’s a weather emergency, a natural disaster or an all out life or death attack.   We tend to want life to simply move on as usual.

But the truth is… those that prepare have a far better chance of survival in any given situation.

The mind boggling question for most people just starting their prepper or survivalist journey becomes:  “Where the heck do I start?  It’s all so overwhelming and confusing!”

The absolute truth is, yes, it can be.  But if you take a deep breath, relax and think about it, the answers that relate to your unique situation will become, if not obvious, then at least more clear.

Let’s break this down into the basics and grow from a starting point.

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Does The Nightly News Scare You?

It doesn’t take much perception of our world’s reality today to be a bit overwhelmed or even scared by the news stations, reports and alerts that we are bombarded by each and every day. We are such a well informed nation, yet that information can come at a price. Our feelings of safety and security.

So, with that fact in mind, I’d like to start off by giving you a challenge.  There are no winners or losers in this, simply a challenge as to what type of a survivor you (and only you) truly are.  Now that might seem like a rather stupid comment but if you are going to survive any natural or man made disaster you need to know your own strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s start with the simple stuff:

  1. Where would you shelter in your home during a tornado warning?
  2. What is the safest spot in a building during an earthquake?
  3. Can you get out of your home during a fire if the main exits are blocked?
  4. Where is there usual creek or rainwater overflow or flooding in your neighborhood – are there ways around?

You see, that’s pretty basic stuff that everyone should know.  If you don’t – no worries – they all are easy to learn for your specific situation.  All it takes is some determination and preparedness on your part.  A little bit of time.  Not a huge price, right?

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