In A Disaster A Simple Whistle Could Save Your Life

ID-10048040It’s hard to believe that something so simple could have a huge part in your survival.

But it can.

Often in disasters such as a tornado, a hurricane or even a building collapse – rescue workers often tell stories of how they heard people buried within the rubble.

Sometimes it was a cry for help.  Other times the shifting of fallen branches or bricks will be the sound that leads a person to where trapped survivors are.  Using trained dogs is another way to find people who desperately need help.

Yet how many of us have a simple whistle in our emergency pack?

I didn’t either until I thought about that rescue story.  Now I have a whistle in the emergency pack.   And, a very small one on my key chain.

Silly?  Maybe to some.  But if that simple whistle leads help to me or my family – it will be a simple lifesaver.

Not everything in disaster preparedness needs to cost a lot of money.

Just think about it.


Keeping Pets Safe During A Disaster

While many disasters happen in a moment, weather related trouble often has a little bit of lead time to get the basics done before the storm hits.   Not always, but more time than an earthquake.  It’s better to have a plan in place before it’s needed, that makes swinging into action so much easier and efficient.

It All Starts With A Plan

I am an animal lover.  I’ve had a pet of some sort at every stage of my life.  It broke my heart to watch reports of the pets that had to be left behind during Hurricane Katrina or Super Storm Sandy struggle to survive without their families.

I cannot imagine the heartbreak of having to leave my pets behind knowing they would face danger — without me to help and protect them.  I did some research and put together a basic Escape Plan for my cats Leia and Charlie.

Every Plan will be a bit different.  A hamster doesn’t need the same plan that an older Greyhound might – but the basics remain rather simple for any pet.


It’s Out There – Waiting

. . . not to be paranoid but the next disaster is lurking, waiting for the right moment to strike.

This site is about being prepared and surviving.

Momma Nature Can Be A Bitch

No disrespect to Mother Nature, but let’s face it she’s not always blue skies and puffy clouds.

She’d just as soon whip up a tornado as provide a sunny day.  Could you survive?