Disaster Is Only A Heartbeat Away

November 11, 2016

storm-aheadI’m not going for shock value with the title of this first post on the newly revised Survive The Nest Disaster – but reality.  It only takes a moment for everything we knew to change.  Natural disaster, local emergency, man-made threats… it truly only takes a moment for the world as we know it to change.

Today we are a few days past the 2016 Presidential Elections here in the USA.  My biggest fear has come true in the form of our President Elect.  No, this isn’t a political post bemoaning that my candidate lost – it is a fearful post from a woman who is watching how our citizens are reacting to the new man at the top and his ideals.  The writing is on the wall (so to speak, at least at this point) and we’d best be prepared for anything and everything.

I honestly do not expect a zombie apocalypse any time soon.  But a medical emergency, a chemical spill situation – those are within the realm of possibility.

Global warming is changing weather patterns all over our Earth.  Don’t believe that, then think over the weather where you live and how it’s shifted around where the seasons as we once knew them are off kilter.

The average family doesn’t even have a fire evacuation plan for their home let alone a true disaster plan.

Most of us only have food on hand in our cupboards and refrigerators for about a week, maybe two.  That’s it.  What if you cannot get to a store  –  how do you feed your family during a blizzard that lasts longer than a week.

There are survivalists who live entirely off the gird.  They are not crazy, they are prepared.  We are not.

We are dependent on cell phones for everything from phone calls to vital personal information.  What happens when cell towers go silent?  Any natural disaster could knock out communications, now what do you do?  Do you even know phone numbers or addresses without your one click dialing or GPS apps?  Good question.

If your community is flooded out do you know a safe route out of the area that wouldn’t possibly be under water?  Or a huge fire – can you get away to a safe place?

You see, it’s not being paranoid to be prepared for the “what ifs” that life tosses at us.

I’m not asking you to prepare to become an episode of The Walking Dead … I am asking you to think and be prepared for anything.  Something as simple as being without electricity for four days to having to leave your precious possessions behind and grab your family and your car and get outta Dodge.

The purpose of this blog is simply to ask questions and give you the answers that I’ve found on how to survive the what ifs.  I’m not crazy and ready to run for the hills – but I do intend to be prepared far better than I am right now for possibilities that aren’t pleasant but may become reality one day.

Come along on this journey of preparedness and discovery with me, and let’s get ready to survive just about anything.